Dealing with addiction

Addiction to Procrastination

Yeah, maybe I do have an addiction. Addiction to procrastination. Addiction to overwork on unimportant, non-essential stuff like writing a blog post. It’s painful and dismal to think about all the tasks I have been skipping. Name myself an irresponsible person, I would entertain that thoughts. But that’s ok.

I was playing this piano sound in the background to sooth this rambling 3 am thought. After all, what I am trying to do might just be another fun vanity to entertain myself and put my thought process out in the canvas. Should I focus on negative emotions? Nah. But I do need to do something better tomorrow than just diving into the senseless writing like this. After all, I’d rather burn myself out for the sake of entertainment, cus what else do we do? I’m bored.

Procrastination feels good. It’s spontaneous, it’s reassuring. It’s a false sense of security that prevent you from working on the task that you would never feel like doing it. A strong mind person might do it right away or he/she would stress out. I don’t stress out (or try to prevent myself not to). It’s funny to think about it that way. So I avoid it like a maniac, which isn’t so healthy.

But let’s face it. I hope I’m not alone in this. I’m trying to use my limited amount of time to make sense of the world right now, and it’s not always the best way to use time.

I read the School of Life a lot, because it talked about a lot of things that I keep questioning myself. Maybe this is my bias but it share a lot of common thoughts that I have, and even when they present some new ideas, they are always very entertaining and interesting to go through. A recent post that I read is On the True Desires of the Rich which is very insightful and reflective. Being rich isn’t as fancy as being wealthy, but let me just entertain the thoughts that being rich is just a way to live life. You might be rich as you wish. The reasons why people hate the rich so bad is maybe because of jealousy. We all have that don’t we? But as I said from my previous post, maybe it’s important to recognize that we all have a desire to live a life of abundance and freedom, so let’s be it.

Key things that I learn from the articles are that the rich (one who really worked to earn their wealth and not inherited) kept working even when they reached the point when money isn’t so important to them any more. The following paragraphs summed it up:

They are making money in order to be liked. They are doing so for the sake of status, as a way of keeping score and letting the world know of their value as human beings. The rich work for love and for honour. They stay up late at the office out of vanity – because they want to be able to walk into rooms full of strangers and be swiftly recognised by those that matter and deemed miraculous and clever for having made fortunes, whose size is carefully recorded by the media the world over.

If you are rich (considering yourself or considered by others), would you think that is true? To be liked. Ahh, how dearing? I thought I’m the only one who craves for positive attention :)) After all, we are just a bunch of dweebs, but that’s ok too.

The rich only pursue money fanatically (to our great collective cost) because wealth appears to be the primary, most objective source of honour in the modern world. If only we can fix how honour is obtained, we will be able to redirect their mania to more socially beneficial ends in ways that don’t demand that the rich become ‘nice’.”

Heyyyy, I thought the rich does NOT care about others, but apparently they care a lot! HONOUR is the key code here. Note that down ladies and gentlemen.

Glory is a powerful thing. Wait, I was battling with the fact that desire for fame is such a fanatic need, but I mean, don’t we all want to be famous? I don’t want Me to be famous, but I do want this blog website to blow up at some points. Why? Just for the sake of being important I guess. I’m not dismissing what I have written, I’m just trying to confirm it. And no guilt baby. The more love you gave to this website, the better it gets. I swear, that’s for real.

This is precisely what needs to be changed – and urgently. Society should do a systematic deal with capitalists: it should give them the honour and love they so badly crave in exchange for treating their workers as human beings, not abusing customers and properly looking after the planet. 

Capitalists are great, but sometimes they go after the wrong apple. A few of the successful ones, being media craving themselves, can be easily tamed for doing things against public interest. But look, we all have up and down don’t we.

The founding figure of modern economics, Adam Smith, adroitly recognised the two chief motivating factors in human life: the love of riches and the love of glory. He knew that these two things are what people ultimately want and what they work hardest for.  A wise society must therefore learn how to harness the love of glory at times, like now, when the public good comes into conflict with the love of riches.

This is a good solution, but it’s only good, not great enough. It’s so vague. Hard to tell whether there’s any practical implementation of this advice. However it does gave abstract ideas of balancing the rich: weight their loves for riches and the love of glory. Love of glory, then, is important. Let’s keep that in mind. (Also, very entertained by the thought of Adam Smith. Economists just love him so much. He might understand it so well. Dang Adam, next time I’ll buy you a drink. Maybe a Diet Coke).

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