What is Mandalorian ? Why is it important? Can somebody please answer?!

Have you ever felt left out for not being related when your friends start talking about Star Wars?I have, several times. I would about to take the job of Dani Di Placido after searching up “The Mandalorian” and landed on Forbes. TL;DR. Baby Yoda is cute though, but he didn’t really take much of my interest than Baby Grinch. They are both greenish and available during Christmas.

Is this important to me if I’m not a fan of Star Wars? And in fact, have not watched or followed Star Wars before? Am I on the edge of humanity?

Oof. Felt left out. If you have your 2 cents, please educate me. I’d probably be irritated with the fact that I’m not cultured enough to brag about the movie. TBH, deep inside there’s a shameful voice screaming: “BBB How dare you not watch the GREATEST SPACE SERIES OF THE CENTURY??” but on the other side of my brain would be: “MERP. What’s done is done. I don’t rewatch the whole series just to understand the plot of this release. Better insert chips and let the bot read through Wikipedia plots for me rather than ‘waste’ time binging through all”, while crying on top of my lung for not having enough resource to accomplish that fantasy.

So yes, what’s done is done, here is the definition of Mandalorian, according to Wikipedia:

“Mandalorians are a fictional people associated with the planet Mandalore in the Star Wars franchise created by George Lucas. First conceptualized for The Empire Strikes Back as a group of white-armored “supercommandos”, the idea developed into a single bounty hunter character known as Boba Fett. Although the term “Mandalorian” is never used in the films, the popularity of Boba Fett inspired an extensive number of works about Mandalorians in broader parts of the Star Wars franchise.”

Why should we know this, if we haven’t even watched any of the movie?

Truth is, there are a large amount of people on this Earth who haven’t watched Star Wars at all, not a single episode, or even think of watching it. Perhaps the pure meaning of knowing and understanding the movie is to share an interest with the ones who you love, and that for them to love you is for you to love the things they love too.

Perhaps the pure meaning of knowing and understanding the movie is to share an interest with the ones who you love, and that for them to love you is for you to love the things they love too.

But I would go far with you to dive deep into the river of background narrative. There is a reason for Star Wars The Force Awakens to hit the Highest-grossing film of all time at $936 million without anybody questioning it. According to data from Parrot Analytics, The Mandalorian has certainly lived up to its considerable hype, has officially become the most in-demand series in the world, surpassing Game of ThronesStranger Things, and other popular competitors. To watch The Mandalorian means to be ready for prepping contexts from previous series, or to skim through this video that Daisy Ridley rapped a recap of all Star Wars,..

Yep. It’s much easier this way isn’t it.

,…Or you can move on to read this detail character analysis from Looper. After all, time for leisure and fascination for the cinematographic beauty is necessary, and I guess anyone who is having plenty of time to chill this Christmas shall go on and watch the series.

I might just buy myself a Baby Yoda and call it a night though.


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