Holy crap, what’s next?

Why do I keep freaking out that the world is going to past the point of no return?

I mean, do I need to get to a community to share this though?

I decided to share it on LinkedIn, lmao.

On the other hand, I need to keep learning. I feel like I’m not learning adequately. I’m not satisfied with my level of knowledges. Fuck.

Everything we do is certainly destroying the planet in one way or another. Everything we do is unethical in some senses. It will always be.

Hey, is it crazy to say I want to solve the global warming problems, and be fit by eating healthy food? Is it unethical to complain about the use of plastic, yet constantly tune in at 7-11 for a quick salad grab? I need to take better actions than just giving opinions and complaints. I should do something. I don’t just want to political correct.

Hell no.

I love Tesla.

My professor complained and bad-mouthed my very well-respected man because he was in the opponent party. Yah, I get it. Ok. It doesn’t take my respect off him tho. It kinda poised me to learn more about this great guy.

Haters gonna hate.

I spent some few times reading Reddit posts that were re-edited and posted on YOUTUBE. Lmao.

It’s so sad, but it was interesting.

Much better than the one that I have watched, like all the tea and drama junk. I swear, I don’t enjoy watching them. I just binge watch because they are visually appealing.

Okei, now i’m thinking of, what and why am I not in track of my financial and my weight? I mean, these are the two that I can fukin control. DUH.

Read Principles. Great book. For now, my brain cells aren’t on the best percent of of functionality.

I have a quest. Build a sustainable business that last through the point of no return and offer great incentive to environmental saving.

I think it’s possible. I mean, everything is fucking possible. You just have to allocate and utilize the resources, strategically.

Ehm. Yes, Principles. One thing.

Second, look at your destination. People will try to stay away from you, if you have your eyes fixed on your path. That’s so fking enlightening. Don’t look at other’s eyes and be swayed, or be hesitant. Just fking look straight.

To be honest, learning about economics is fun. And then it get really depressing. After all people were more likely to repeat the concerning part. I want to learn how to invest in environmental-solving company now. Will I support you guys (talking to my start-up friends). Not really, because your apps don’t solve my concern. That’s simple. Does it bring me money? If you can prove me yes, I will say yes, because I will use that money to put into solving my concern.

Am I into creative stuff? Yes. But, I’m wondering, how can I solve the concern through my drawing?

Hye, what if I draw everything that melted. Like your hands.

I was about to search up #burnthand but I realized that will probably traumatize me for the rest of the week, so I decline not to look at it at 2 am in the morning.

I realized, you can manage many things at “once”, as “once” in the case of a period of time, not simultaneously. You can manage manythings as long as you pay undivided attention to the tasks until the completion of it, at the designated time, regardless of the outcome.

Take tests baby. Level up.

Okei, I was just reminded up Ciara babe.


Just roll. I thought I might die soon but nowadays my mind is so occupied with thoughts I just think that I might die anytime and not being so worried about it. I don’t even miss my ex. Or a little bit, but not much, lmao.

Okei. ANYWAY. Read more about fianancial management, economic and business books, and environmental friendly buddies.

I do just realized I have a negative bias toward the fashion and beauty industry, though legit, but still slightly biased as in the case that I thought it’s the only industry to blame on. Turn out, it’s not. Fuck. Every fuking single industries that we are having right now, and the moment, economically functioning or not, is by law at the expense of the environment, just like the tragedy of the common on a fucking magnificent, worldly scale. It’s utterly disturbing.

How can I give second life to products that meet demands of the market for unique, meaningful and functional items?

I mean, look, I won’t be satisfied until I have successfully built the business I have set my mind into. Now I know why I’m not fking interested in bitcoin and stuff, because it’s none of my concern and need. I don’t need to download dem entertainment apps either, because that’s at the same time, none of my concern. They are intriguing in a very disturbing manner. I refuse to invest my time in it.

I’m in love with music, dance and culture. But whatever it is, environment babe.

It’s just sad that I’m still writing this on a whim though.

Here are something I have read today: How to make profit and save the planet

The benefits of renewable energy

Learn to be better B.


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