A thought on Chess

In the time of crisis, we turn to books and people. Those who surrounded us, those who can see things we can’t see, think the way we don’t think, say the thought we don’t say, and act the way we don’t act. We just love to let ourselves be amazed of that. We need obstacles, to ruin us a bit, and slap us in the face and teach us new things.

We realized we often run away from responsibilities during a hardship. It maybe facing our love ones, it maybe doing our homework, it maybe just washing our clothes, or it can be solving our enterprise problems. Those small things add up. And that’s where we often want to break ourselves free. Free from obstacles, free from problems. But often time running away from the problem won’t lead us to anywhere, but most of time, to the crumble of ourselves. Just like a good chess match, when we look at life situation as a game to win, and got pumped to reach the end, we will come out enjoying it, regardless how many pawns or knights we have sacrificed. View the obstacle as something to overcome, not to be scared of. View responsibilities as something that help us to advance, and not to doom us down. A game of chess have 3 outcomes: win, lose, or draw. Most of the time, it’s us vs them, but you will freshly move on to the next game while your opponents keep changing. In the end it’s not them vs us. It’s more about us vs ourselves, and how many game losses can we keep facing, and bettering our skills, visions, and strategies. In the game of chess, short term playing can only excite you that much, but if you play in the long term, which focus on your speed, analytical sharpness, you will win at the end.


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