In a second of boredom

These days, there are so many interests that we are bounded to desire. The constant exposure to information keeps us afloat with ideas rather than decisions. Do I really want to be just a thinker, and a philosopher? The idea itself seems uncool to me, but whatever. Thinking is an action itself, and for me, thinking and reflecting is a leisure. Action itself takes courage, and that’s to me, is stepping out of the comfort zone, which is cool.

In between the lines, I see opportunities for growth. Take more actions baby. We are going to die anyway, what’s the wait is for?

Maybe we are all scared to death. Maybe we are just tiny insignificant human beings in this vast universe (distinction between a philosopher and a tabloid columnist, is philosopher think universes). But who cares? Like, for real. Our parents are the only one who deeply care for us, regardless how they treat us in our life (there are various exceptions tho, that parents are neglective). So does it make up the point that we shouldn’t try so hard, and shouldn’t take so much risks, and just live a peaceful quiet life for ourselves, for our leisure, for our security, for our own interests and love?


Pretty much impossible.

I’m constantly bored, just for clarification. Maybe I was born this way, or maybe I’m just so exposed to mass media nowadays, with my mind being sucked with countless selfies posts, seductive advertisement, noisy drama, and meaningless discussions of irrelevant subjects. But do I blame them on sucking my mind? Oh, no. I understand how I have to be responsible for my time, and I am aware quite well how I was the one who let them in, and let them grab my attention, and even the feeling of being inadequate, was barely because of them who post fancy restaurants and saviour food dishes, but more because of me distractedly buy into those visual appealing things. It’s a high ride of desire and fascination. It’s great. But like any addiction, it’s destructive in the long run.

That’s when I stop. And train myself to focus on more important matters.

I love it when I remembered, how I jiggled with my friend on a dead quiet train ride, while being surrounded and squeezed tightly amongst salary men and women. I barely talked on train, and I hate it how the quietness consume my thirst for a talk. I love talking to strangers, and I love getting to know them. I love throwing myself around and just make instant connections through languages. I always remember people who I met and greeted in a different setting. I always remember our conversations, regardless how brief and small it is. Somehow, that leisure action, which I viewed as a hobby while I traveled, become a burden, a block of mind I want to throw away. In a setting where everybody is so uptight and guarded, I found myself hesitant to approach. Regardless, I miss it, and I want to give myself an astute confidence and cultural knowledge to approach people without much annoyance to them and to me.

For positive changes.

Despite all the complaint about social media and the Internet, I do have to say I much enjoy it and felt less guilty to spend time on topics that I am really into.

Trevor Noah gave me this inspirations. His communication skills are incredible. His accent, his story telling, his presentation, his emotions, everything. It is not just temporary hype, it’s a flow of amazements and amusements. It’s beautiful, genuine, down to earth, connected, and remarkable.

You can’t really avoid having lots of respect for Trevor Noah, because of his deep cultural understanding and consideration. As in one Behind the Scenes segment that he did on Youtube, he shared the story of his first ever heard joke from his grandpa. To see that moment to play a huge role in Noah’s life and to see as a catalyst to his wit, his current success, is aspirational. I feel like I can write just a tribute to Trevor Noah.

You can watch some of his talks here:

The way Noah tells joke is more hilarious than his joke itself

He reminds me of how invaluable family is to each of us. I do miss my brother tho. I should call my parents more often. I should spend more time listening to my parents. I should call my grandmas more. Without them, there would be no me. So it is fascinating to see how they also play a huge role in my life. I cannot ask for different grandmas. I can only ask myself to become a great, dope af grandma in the future.

Oh wow, to be honest, that was an interesting thought process. Have you ever thought of how you are going to be a grandma in the future? Like, how you are going to live till 85, instead of dying young at 25?

I mean, I lived my 3 years of youth pretty bravely, which I would often be proud of, but now, at the age of 20, I thought, why the freak have I felt like I am settling down? Is this environment too save to try? Why am I being so dismal with this? Why am I stop trying new things? Why am I scared? Isn’t it the time to be alive and try out everything I wish I could be?

After all, the world is changing anyway, and I feel like I need a better narration. Take action baby.


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