Too personal?

The difference between professional and personal boundaries. How to set up one.

It is important to set boundaries for yourself, for you not to lose your own identity, to recognize responsibility beyond your control, and to be aware your safety, or comfort zone.

I soon realized how social media can be so toxic, because it makes personal things more shareable, and more public.

Discipline ourselves to put a line between public, professional life and personal life. Handle them well on a balance requires attentive hard work, but once it is done it’s great.

Get priorities right. Sometimes romance is great, but since I realized how easily I could be disappointed in a relationship, I’m aware how I am becoming a little bit resentful toward having one. Maybe a little distress can keep us focus on what is more important.

Or maybe because I deserve someone better, who treat me with care and respect.

Another question, to think bigger than ourselves and for others instead of handing out affection like confettis?

Also, learning and working in team. I need to change the current way of learning or else I am not going to be improved. I need to reach out to new people who can help me to grow. I will be there.


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