Understanding algorithm of the net

Start with thinking rationally. Can I?

Can rationality be practiced?

“You have to learn how the digital world was built, and the language it uses to be living in it”

After all I think I was limiting myself to a lot of mental boundaries. Mostly, because the fear of being judged. I’m scared that once I’m associated with a certain titles, certain people, I might be as well merged in as one of them, and I will be losing my own stand. After a few trials and learning, I’d like to maybe conclude: Fk it.

Taking Anna Wintour into consideration. She is such an icon, but then her past, appeals to possibly many speculators that she was such a narcissistic and aloof leader. Her success does not merely come from her toxic style of leadership, but more thanks to her unique, forefront vision of fashion. She is incredible with new ideas and aesthetic sense. People look up to her, and as she demands, people adopt and try to reach to her standard. So she is a perfectionist, who demands to fixate herself with a consistent, recognizable professionalism. The point is she does not care what other people think of her, but rather she cares more about what she wants other to perceive her as. In this case, she gain the power to portrait her own image rather than letting others to dictate her reputation. Her role is proactive and not passive.

What does that need to do with me?

I think that I’m too judgemental about the digital world, but maybe some very few frustrations that I have was disorganization and inefficient in task management.

I just realized that investing in tools are essential for individuals to grow.

Evolve or die.

Maybe I need a blog writing structure. Yes. This is going out of hand.


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