I’m zoning out again

On this train

Just looks around, and you will see people dead sleeping on their handbags. Eyes shut on an unease face, they look concerned, worried, upset, exhausted and frustrated. Yet it’s only 2:28 PM. What have they done? What make them so exhausted at 2:28 PM in the afternoon? They look like they have fallen into a deepend and their energy are completely shut. How can you be inspired by just looking at that?

When you see there are not so many advertisements stick around the corner, it might be the signs that the population has decreased. The businesses aren’t that interested in the demographic anymore.

But hey, let’s be optimistic about the future. I mean, we are going to die anyway, and it’s just the matter of sooner or later. Instead of giving up all hopes and wills and waiting until the day of death, why don’t we do something special, something remarkable, so at least our children could be able to say, “That’s my grandma dumbass!”.

I miss the vulgarity I was surrounded with. It’s real and no filter.

Are we going to die because we drive ourselves into mass extinction?

Who knows, LOL

I know someone who is willing to live on. I cannot say I’m not scared of the death, and I’m sure when I face upon the destructive force of nature, I would be begging seconds to be able to breathe like what I am doing right now. Sometimes it’s insane how we underestimate the blessings we have been given.

But coming back, here is something I know I need to do. I need to do more. I need to do more than what I take. I need to keep being active. Activeness is my lifestyle. It’s my hobby, my habit. Proactiveness. I should have brought that book with me.


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