It’s a bad habit to stay up late and struggle to fall asleep over and over again

I’m still taking the blame for it. After all, it’s our choices to keep scrolling mindlessly posts to posts, let ourselves be captivated with wanderlust and allusion. After all, it’s our choices to c give up our time into something so meaningless. Whether the meaninglessness can turn into something meaningful later on, that, I don’t know. However, I know for fact, that things we consume without much thoughts and consideration, are opt to be overloaded and bring more harm than good.

It was surely a long day, but I haven’t felt that relief until I opened this screen and write this post. My mind is a mess, or perhaps, I messed it up in a way. Again, another bad habit. I’d rather read the news in the morning.

Notifications, checks, badges and panels keep showing up. Everything, everyone will someone ended up ask for your time and contribution. At first you enjoy it and feel energized, just because you have had enough sleep the day before, and you were ready to dive in with full embrace. At the end of the day, you are exhausted. You must be put into sleep. This is where the prioritization come in. At least I recognize, we all have the power to choose what to commit to and what not. It’s up to us to interpret the uncertainty of what our actions might yield. For me, it has always been optimism, but to a point of discipline, I must pause my work flow and take a deep rest.

That’s why I was so relaxed at home maybe.

Regardless, I have learned something extraordinary today. That’s willingness can be encouraged, and pushed, by another person. That’s why having someone to back you up is so important. That’s why I want to have a circle of friends who can encourage me and I can encourage back. That’s why I will always try to give more than what I take. That’s why sometimes I would probably push myself over the edge. And sometimes that’s not the healthiest way to be functioning.

This, an evaluation of the Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Marson, is something I appreciate to have expressed out in clear text. Maybe we would never have enough time to do everything we want to do in the world, but it’s up to us to curate and choose the problems we want to mostly wrap our head around and solve. What is it that tap in our potentials, our abilities and influences? I don’t really know.

Keep it simple. Another random thought, but whatever.

I really like to spend time by myself to go to the park and read my favorite book, but I think it’s much more interesting if I can have a book club and discuss them with those who are interested. This morning I read a story series posted by Ramit Sethi about how a guy who was looking for a community or think tank kind of group, relating to philosophy, and decided to join a talk show or something on the spot, like immediately. I was amazed at the response speed of Ramit, and the guy, and how swift the decision was made. That was a no-brainer way of thinking, but it was super efficient. Considering, and considering, and considering, or try to reach a perfect level of works might be extremely challenging sometimes.

Oh, another thing I was really excited about was QQS model, stands for Quality, Quantity and Spirit. Totally this is something I’m amazed with and been wanting to cultivate for a long time. I will definitely spend more time to learn about this too.


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