I started to monetize my art a few weeks ago with no sales

A quick summary: I want to open and promote my own Society6 shop on Instagram for awhile, and so have made a small step toward establishing something more concrete. The Society6 platform was a safe portal for trying out new look and publishing new designs. A little reflection on the process: I’ve put on a few pieces that I found to generate good feedback from friends. However, no sale has been made. So far, the sale are the least expected because of no traffic yet. I feel impatient, out of order, tired, exhausted. Meanwhile, I still need to educate myself about every aspect of the goods. Some items are priced pretty ridiculous, like this Ramune RED mini-table. Still though, the rest of the shop looks awesome, and so there is hope in how some of the Internet browsers would find it. There are so many things I want to do at the moment. Perhaps I should take a class on life prioritization like this article written by Team Liquid Planner. Simple sugar hype should also be addressed.

Anyway, regarding my shop, it does look pretty cool. My technique is simple, but it’s more about time dedication for the project, and that was why everything such a mess. I must admit, I’m such a horrible time planner (Please give me light or encouragement on how to be a better life planner). You can have a sneak peek at my page here:

Now you can buy them on @Society6

The more I’m stressed about school and works, the more I wanted to create something with my pen. Sometimes it’s an coward escape from responsibility, although I do find a better way of procrastinating rather than just surfing the web. Everybody around me are working so hard, that I think sometimes it’s the social pressure of falling behind is the reason why they push themselves to the edge of collapsing. But I don’t want that. I know I’m pushing myself for something different. And so, as I found a little bit peace in my mind in between classes, it suddenly calms down, and be a bit more focus. More than ever, I fell in love with a quiet place. More than ever, I fell being blessed to have everybody around me being so crowded, yet so calm and quiet. At least from this moment, I suddenly realize the reason why people are so considerate on train and in public. All the noises were unnecessary. Now you can start to hear yourself. They would always have article like this, to tell you ways to calm down and chill. Don’t just skim through, but take time to put them in action.


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B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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