This city

Gazing out into the far horizon, it is not hard to phantom that this is the luxury so many people want to have. Look at all the lights. Look at all the facilities. Look at all the constructions and complexities. I’m certainly overwhelmed.

Heart broken, trust failed. As if glass when falls upon floor and scatters into million of pieces. Wondering where you can collect them and stick them all together again. Wonder that you would ever can.

Do you ever believe in magic? Miracle? I so far only thought of hard work and dedication, but of course, luck would play the role.

Why do I give up when there is a chance? Isn’t it ridiculous?

That moment when you try to remind yourself you have a home

My father has everything under control, or at least he want everything to be so. He has an extraordinary perfectionistic vision of everything. I’m certainly overwhelmed.

But I’m glad that I can rely on his vision for setting that idealistic high-bar for a lot of stuff. I feel thrill meeting that high bar. I feel like that’s one thing I need to work on, is to set that high bar for myself, and be strategic to work my way through it.


Who are we to ourself?

As far as most concerned,

We are missing out so much in life anyway, if you keep comparing yourself to the others. I feel like this heavy desire to be there, has already crippled in. Nobody needs to understand, but I’m sure everybody would experience it once in a while.

I realize that I hate breaking promise. I feel like at the moment, I’m not in the best position to think through and bring in the best deal. I think I can soft it out. But at the moment it’s more like tolerance. Let’s see what’s my limit is.


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