An exempt of homework

Wondering when would I stop wondering.

Things have been tough these days, mostly because of the mental blocks that I had. Not cool ideas, but ridiculous self-hate speeches were just free-flowing like a rigged radio record running in my head. It was tiring to just stay on my own. I hated looking at the mirror for a few reasons.

Regardless it was raining this morning, I did show up in time for my Kanji class. The teacher didn’t like me much, since I didn’t do really well on tests. Students at my ages are supposed to be having their shit together, but I wasn’t. Well, not in her class, and I knew she knew it.

I read a few articles while realizing that I have never really think thoughtfully about the real value of recreational articles before. While scrolling through a couple of Vietnamese drama related pieces, I found it was quite meaningless to just mindlessly search for more. My fault for wasting precious time. Meanwhile, I was quite happy that I have finished writing my Kanji short piece. It wasn’t even a story, but it was just a scrambled piece that have my favorite brain-picked Kanji from the list. It was delightful to write. To improve it, next time I will ask someone to proofread my finals.

去年の冬休み、私の高校時代の友人は東京のホテルに泊まっていました。 10日以内に、私たちは東京で彼女を市内で案内する時間を過ごしました。 彼女に会えて本当によかったです。 空港で別れを告げた後、彼女は飛行機でヨーロッパのこきょうへ飛びました。 彼女はスペインの島に住んでいたと私に言いました。 

私たちは別の大陸に住んでいますが、それでも私たちは互いに連絡を取り合います。 私達は喜びや悲しみについて話すために、そして私達が生活の中で様々な持っている経験をするために電話をかけます。 時々、私達が困難に直面するとき、私達は他の人に電話して相談するでしょう。 彼女は常に正直なので、私は彼女を信頼できると感じます。彼女は本当にいい友達です。

Translation: “Last winter break, my high school friend was staying in a hotel in Tokyo. Within 10 days, We spent some time in Tokyo where I guided her around the city. It was lovely to meet her. After saying goodbye at the airport, she flew back by airplane to her hometown in Europe. She told me she lived on an island in Spain. Although we live in a different continent, we still keep in touch with each other. We call each other often, to talk about our joy, and to share the experiences that we have in our lives. Sometimes, when we face difficulties, we would call and consult others. She is always honest, so I feel I can trust her. “

The above wasn’t what I wrote into the paper accurately, but to a fair extent it was.

My goal this weekend is to spend time for friends who I haven’t met for a while. I really want to hang out with them.

By the way, when would you need to go to therapist?


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