Fireworks and diamonds

Fireworks memory – enomoto koichi

  • There’s a body of water right beneath the three stones, but you can’t really guess where is the water level is, and perhaps it was the intention of the artist to let the stones float right above the surface of the water
  • The detail of the sky is mesmerizing. Dark sky Reddish Light from the right mountain indicate the West
  • The firework memory shows the pciture of 3 different frames of firework, perhaps indicate the events/new years related deeply to the artist past. The last piece has a missing corner, and it seems to show a scene above a city
  • I can recognize the flowers. I have seen it before. With this and other plants visible in the scene you can also pinpoint the area where this was taken place.

I realize that my motivation to do blogging was the instant publication. Yes, it’s shabby writing. Yes, it’s raw and rough. But the feeling of having something done, of pushing the “Publish” button, of knowing that I can put that off my head, is utterly satisfying. It’s a raw diamond yet to be polished, but like in the moment digging it up out of the ground, you feel a great sense of gratification. And it’s fine that you the job of digging up. You can be a specialist in digging them up. You can dig them up all day long as you feel the joy. Keep writing raw and honest.


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