Why “Fine” is never enough

This blog post is written and aspired by TED Talk video “How to stop screwing yourself over” by Mel Robbins. This blog post was not sponsored by any other entity.

Why are we trying to talk as if we going to be the next successful gal in the room?

Look, there are so much more fun and interesting, and even more productive things in life that you can wrap your head around, rather than trying to appear as perfect, and as “successful” as many others have strived to be.

I’m just wondering, what are your focus?

I personally don’t want myself to be another Zuck. But I feel like I want to be Mel Robbins.

I want to have this website running as cool as Mel has. And I don’t really care how many people will buy my books or visit my site. What I care about, is what kind of experiences Mel has that shaped who she was on stage. She was amazing. Probably out of 18 million views she got, it was mainly from audiences like me who keep streaming back to her good content. No, each and every time you rewatch her video, it feels like the message is clearer to you, and that it is easier to carry out and commit to it. You start to feel like a ritual. These videos are great because it is made for the sake of its own mission of spreading ideas, and it is non-profit. Anyway, I love her talk a lot.

Do I have to have a plan tomorrow?

I will be sleeping until 7 am. I didn’t work out today but I walked for 30 minutes straight. Finished one task for next week. I feel like doing more of it, and maybe I should fine a library and go there to read books tomorrow.


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