Sunday without an impact

There will be always questions lead to questions in the mind of a wonderer:

  • I’m turning 20 this year…Did I just waste my Sunday?

Just giving you a bit of context, the question popped up when I was reading an article on Growthlab about business amongst Millennials. There are all the hypes about start-ups scenes, stress on productivity, top 10 Know-how methodologies and everything you need to know to look more like the next Mark Zuck. Meanwhile, looking at my own situation, many not so mature kids like me still sitting in a dank room scrolling Instagram, reading off online-magazine, sighed and basically Do-Nothing. What a time to be alive.

Another question popped up, but this time is for you, my reader: Have you ever wonder why you are always stressed out for no reason? Like you don’t do anything and still feel so overwhelmed. You can sit like me for the whole day throughout and ended up doing nothing. DID NOTHING. And sighed, accusing yourself to be so unproductive, so lazy, so unprofessional and then run into basically the same loop on Sunday next week. Or whenever you have free time to browse the Internet. You feel bad that you did nothing, and when that slightly negative feeling crips in, you start to lose your mind into the endless funnel of fun hypes and mesmerizing slime posts.

Why are we in this together?

There’s a sense of helplessness here and there. That you want to be special, and everybody convince you that you can be the next special one featured on Forbes 100 List. That’s the dream being sold, and you bought it. Then from the dream they sell you the materials to make it. You realized it’s too much to afford. You realized the way to get there was a full lift into the air: maybe you landed on the top, but you might fall off the cliff before getting there. 

Today generation’s emphasis was to create impact. The bigger impact, the greater the praise. If you aren’t building the next 1 billion dollars company, Forbes won’t list it. But we are too in love with the extraordinary without realizing that when boundaries are broken, it’s the person who stand the closest to break it, or else you have to marathon like hell from far away, and spin all the way to “break through”.

I was just feeling like I’m going to push myself to make a bigger impact today. I just felt like I owned this moment, appreciated the fact that I was still able to sit and breathe. I might just be a happy sloth for a day. I just felt like the world was okay even when I didn’t try to correct it (Of course the world has never been okay, but as you sit and breathe, it carries on its way without you have to be so concerned about it). I’m not entitled to be this inactive either. Just take it as usual. Someday racing car takes a casual roll along the crowded street and treats it as leisure. Someday it rests in the garage.

I concluded my Sunday was not wasted. I owned it for the time being.


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