The Power of Doing Nothing

An article that gained 150k claps on Medium last year has catched my short span attention (perhaps it was well-circulated within the web for more than million views, not to count one from me). Yay! Titled The power of doing nothing at all by Aytekin Tank, the article was started by a tale of two crocodiles.

Just kidding.

No, really. It was started like that way.

You should read, but I will spoil it first.

“I did nothing” – Gently said the old crocodile, whom just killed a 500 lb wildebeest. 

And that was how it ended.

The moral of the story is that, we would be able to see far better results by spending more time doing nothing, or in other words, sparing time doing only important thing. However, in our current society, it is the workaholic culture that’s trumping the media. It’s the CEO not-giving up spirit: We gotta keep moving, and you lazy ass shouldn’t just lay out there and do nothing.

Here’s the top highlight (noted as Top highlight in the article): “We’ve grown to subconsciously measure a person’s worth based off how many hours they work, how much is on their plate and put simply – whether or not they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off”

Tank discussed that we are suffering the “Extreme busyness epidemic”.

But here is what I really like about while reading the article: “Busy founders have started implementing ‘Think Weeks’ into their annual schedules- week long periods they spend reflecting, reading, thinking and living outside the all-encapsulating world that is running a business”, and the one that first brought it up is no one but our notable Bill Gates. 

So perhaps the angry, impatient CEO does have a point to worry about their employees doing nothing, but they should also cool their head down for good. Most important thing is together as a team, the leader knows how to drive team members toward achieving efficiency, and having hard work as secondary boost up. 

I am at the moment hoping that I could fully enjoy my Think Week before the school starts. Or it could be a Think Weekend. I don’t know. Somewhere between the lines. Adjust it as you need. I do believe that I don’t have the pressure to be a crocodile, but I will figure for myself what is my 500 lb wildebeest. 

Or just don’t. 


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