The joy of being unnoticed

In an era where people crave for attention, I found myself writing this blog without the intention of gaining traffic (though it’s much expensive to maintain, I’ll say it worth investing for a hobby that last, and most importantly, bring real joy to me). If you found me here, probably you are the lucky one who has possibly searched up a keyword and went to page 200th of the search engine, or are the fortunate whom I have introduced my page to. It’s liberating, and it frees me from the fear of being judged, or much that I trust my audiences will read and understand and give constructive feedback (even negativities whatsoever). But most importantly, it’s a place where I can practice writing truly for myself, and communicate to those who actually matters.

And sadly it’s still full of self-centered messages, but I will try my best to do something about it, as I also love writing in third person.

No popularity, just pure thoughts. Even if this is a service, you may consider, time taken to entertain your boredom, I would like to have just it. Manipulation and persuasion are fun and interesting enough for me to learn regarding the business world, but for something as personal as this blog, I just want to let it be personal. And when things get too emotional…people will judge. Haha. How ironic.

But let me consider this for a second. “Keep being hungry, my friend”. Those who said so, perhaps, they are really hungry. Their diet is always missing something, because they have worked so much that energy is burnt like hell, or they have too little to eat. For those who aren’t that hungry, but come to believe that a superficial hunger will boost them to have more and more, they will end up having diabetes. People are “hungry” for likes, comments, and attentions. Yet, they aren’t putting enough work out there, or simply, consume everything that they choked.

So that’s why I want to focus on the quality of work. My value of work is not in perfection. My value of work is not in popularity. My value of work is not in the black and white line between concepts. It’s in honesty, courage and authenticity. Honest for saying what it is, courage for doing what it is, and authenticity for owning what it is.

At some point of this journey, I will start consider you, my audiences, as important. I would love feedback and encouragement. I would love comments and likes. I would love to know how valuable my works are to other people, or in general society. After all, we are craving attention, not because we are lack of it, but because there’s a higher need for us to make an impact on others, and the very obvious way is through numbers of reactions that we had on our posts. However, this is dangerous, because if we weight our values through those fluctuated numbers, our values will be shattered. So that’s why, it will be healthier to have numbers – those external measure of success, to be our secondary, or even tertiary concern.


3 thoughts on “The joy of being unnoticed

  1. Beautifully expressed, fellow blogger! And though you’re not primarily concerned with likes or comments, I offer them anyway ~ appreciation + applause for your devotion to honesty, courage, and authenticity. In fact, it was by searching the keyword “courage” that I stumbled on your post (which, by the way, was much farther up than the 200th page!) and so keep up the courageous work of writing for your own inner joy rather than for accolades. 😊


    1. It took me so long to get back to you but thank you so much for your feedback and encouragement! I love it! It’s hard to believe that my post grasped someone attention across the net, but I am glad that you enjoy reading it thus far! There are pieces I have put together that perhaps need refinement, and you can always give your opinions on those posts!

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      1. Oh, you’re welcome! The world is full of surprises, isn’t it? — especially when we dare to put ourselves out there.. A pleasure connecting with you. 😊


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