A little less empty room

There are so much thoughts to give.

It’s the empty room again
Poster on the wall, hanging tightly
It’s been bare and quiet lately
Not so much of the expectation they wanted to see
It’s more like the expectation I wanted to see

Why am I in this abyss
Raw and full of darkness
(In this case darkness is just a room without a light on)
Ain’t I that big enough

I told myself to be proactive
Like Go girl you got this
Like improving myself to prove it
That I deserve it
I deserve your respect and kindness
Not just attention, not for fun
But it should come from your authentic heart


The one who goes forward
Is the one who doesn’t fear
Is the one who bear the darkness
Is the one who is determined
Is the one who stands on their one feet
And lead
Where am I going is a question you shouldn’t speak
At least out loud
I shall be a better leader
But first, I shall follow my heart


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