Instagram usage – how much is enough?

Let’s set this straight: Everyone who is a Millennial would be plagued with more self-esteem problem, FOMO, and a bunch of other health-related problems because of one thing:

“Instagram catastrophe”

Dying, craving for the uncertain provision of love, from strangers.
  • Their spontaneous mindset and short attention span would be constantly pulled into the app because of its interactive flow. She loves looking and browsing through things. To the point where she would jump skip important things because there was some more interesting stuff caught her attention. Instagram entertained her well, but too much entertainment has since caused some of the major problems. From the moment of opening the app to closing it due to tiredness and droopy eyes, her whole attention is fully grabbed and wrapped inside the creative, unexpected world of Instagram users. Everybody is creating visual values. Everybody is reaching out to her and trying to tell their stories. Everybody would be selling something. Suddenly, she, as a reader, viewer, or potential customer, are allured into the abyss of being pleased, with all the colorful sunshine and nail paint, all the fancy and glamorous looks over makeup, dresses, glittered slime, mesmerizing dishes. In reality, she doesn’t have none of it, so she keeps coming back to the place where it first sold her the dream.
  • But again, it’s important to be clear-headed and pay attention to her decision. She realizes that Instagram kept her over her toes so often that she always comes back to open the app even though she receives no notification. In fact, she has not turned it on since then, worrying that it would give her constant buzz. 
  • She kept telling her friends that she’s been uninstalling and reinstalling Instagram because she knew how much it impacted her life and she wanted to change for good. The longest achievement was a full-week uninstall and inactivation on her phone, but then something cool caught her eyes during the weekend and she started to reinstall it since it’s too good not to share it. For her, Instagram was a way of reflecting her ordinary, or sometimes barely odd life. Compared to millions of other accounts up in the cloud, her portfolio was not so special, but she was happy that every time she shares a photo, someone pays attention to it.
  • The fun thing is that she chooses to be on Instagram because she likes it more than trying to fit in a certain bias. She doesn’t let other people’s opinions determine what she was going to pose and what’s not unless she made the silly mistake of offending someone. But still, she would love to challenge herself to pose whatever she likes the most and not worrying much about the opinions. 
  • In conclusion, Instagram is merely a device for her to share a creative perspective and evaluation. she personally thinks it’s fun, but since she was treating it as no more than a hobby, she should be more responsible with time spend on that and be more practical with what she was going to use her time for.

I really like Instagram. But it’s reaching the point where I am addicted. I should learn how to manage it. 


Published by Igobiebb

B (Q.Trang) is a creative multipotentialite who has lived away from home since fourteen, currently living in Tokyo city. She loves writing, cooking, swimming, talking to people and chasing thrills.

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