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Reading about time-wasting habits

Interesting read: 5 Time-wasting habits that hold entrepreneurs back The Fixed workweek mentality  Don’t say yes to unpaid work disguised as an opportunity – “Ask them what their budget is, and whether they’re willing to pay you to do what they want you to do” Edu-crastination: Procrastinate by pretending you’re busy learning The ”I’ll just…

Bringing back Rock & Roll

Instead of restoring my depleting sleep schedule, I really did decided to wind up the brilliant hell of Måneskin. This. Absolute nuts. OMG. I’m not having it enough. Okie, before I kalm down for a short sleep, here’s your dope ass performance 😳 There is one thing we ALL have to agree with: That Maneskin…

音楽 を Eat & Breathe

Another day, another playlist ☺️ I don’t know how long would this video last on Youtube, but thought that the vibe is so great, I’ll share it here just in case. Photo by Masaaki Komori on Unsplash